Chrisma Teens . . .

1st & 3rd Tuesday @ 7pm | (13 to 19 Only)

Chrisma is a ministry established by God to reconcile young men and women back to God. The Spirit of the Lord has raised this ministry to a level where we will let no man despise our youth. It is our goal to show the youth of VCMI how to be a believer in word, deed, conversation, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity.

Just for Girls

There’s nothing better than girl’s night!  This group will talk about everything from hair and makeup, to boys and dealing with emotions.

Life After High School
This small group will talk about what comes next—figuring out what you want to do, preparing for college and career, 5-year-plan, college finances, and more.


Listening Party

Most teen’s lives revolve around music—it’s everywhere.  In this group, we will explore various types of music and its impact on our culture and the church.  We will discover new artist and share our favorites.


Living Supernaturally

Our pastors talk about living the Word and being like Jesus, but how exactly do we do that? This group will explore the practical side to living supernaturally.  We will discover the gifts that God has given us and how to use them in the world around us.


Surviving School

This group will discuss everything you need to know to thrive in school. We will address academics, peer pressure, navigating drama, being a Christian while living in the world, identity, relationships with parents, and much more.


Teach Me How to Preach

If you feel called to the ministry, specifically preaching, this small group is for you!  We will break down how to effectively study God’s Word, and relate it to others through public speaking.